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Friday's Child :: He loves me! :: Home Friday's Child :: He loves me! :: Home
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Friday's Child/51-55. Lives in United States/Louisiana/New Orleans/The Westbank, speaks English. Spends 20% of daytime online. Uses a Faster (1M+) connection.  I play hard, love fiercely & unconditionally. I'm steadfastly loyal, even when others are not./Recovering addict since 09/90.
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United States, Louisiana, New Orleans, The Westbank, English, Friday's Child, 51-55, I play hard, love fiercely & unconditionally. I'm steadfastly loyal, even when others are not., Recovering addict in NA since 09/90. Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis 12/04

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"I have seen the sea when it is stormy and wild; when it is quiet and serene; when it is dark and moody. And in all its moods I see myself." --Martin Buxbaum

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September 11, 2001 --
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An MRI revealed a brain lesion pressing against my optic nerve. Several years of invasive tests and terrifying uncertainty followed. Finally, in December of 2004 I received my diagnosis ...

Multiple Sclerosis

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I began daily injections of Copaxone in June of 2005.  Although I seem to have permanent symptoms from my last exacerbation, my last MRI revealed no new lesions and no new scarring.

I recently discovered that the best prep for injection is a warm compress before and after. I no longer get unsightly bruises or huge knots and there's less pain.

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.:: Sunday, April 13, 2008 ::.

Unconscious Mutterings

Sunday fun with free association ... "I say ..., you think ..."

"Rules are, there are no rules." There are no right or wrong answers. Don't limit yourself to one word responses; just say any and every crazy thing that pops into your head.

  1. Silence :: is golden -- so shut the hell up
  2. Wall :: Humpty Dumpty sat on a ....
  3. Killed :: He left the cap off the toothpaste, left his drawers on the floor, he left this here and that there but I couldn't get him to just leave ... and that's when I killed him, Your Honor.
  4. Wishful :: thinking ... as in, "Balls said the Queen, if I had them I'd be king."
  5. Poodle :: clowns make them out of ballons
  6. Sullen :: me, every time I have to put the cap back on the toothpaste or pick up his dirty drawers off the floor.
  7. Do not disturb :: Enter at your own risk, You don't have to go home, you just can't stay here, Silence! (see #1), Trespassers will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, I'm PMS'ing and I have a gun -- any questions?
  8. Philadephia :: Freedom, Liberty Bell, where my jerk ex-boyfriend who left me for my jerk ex-best friend lives.
  9. Anticipation :: great song used for a stupid commercial - Heinz Ketchup
  10. Sidewalk :: where his carcass is going to end up if he doesn't start putting the cap on the toothpaste and picking up his dirty drawers.

As always, you can mutter there or you can mutter right here in my comments.  Muttering can set you free ... on in my case this week, get you jailed.  *snicker*  Have fun, y'all!

And in the end, the love you take
is equal to the love you make
Chronicled :: 12:28 am :: Friday's Child

April 14, 2008   04:32 PM PDT
1. Silence :: is thing of the past. (tinnitus)
2. Wall :: up against the wall mf (j. Airplane)
3. Killed :: did great
4. Wishful :: see below (we have a bishon frise which is of course french for kick me)
5. Poodle :: yap,.. yap,... boot
6. Sullen :: Me this week.
7. Do not disturb :: I'm disturbed enough
8. Philadelphia :: dirt
9. Anticipation :: not much
10. Sidewalk :: someplace to NOT ride your bike.
April 14, 2008   07:42 AM PDT
I somehow forgot these two...

Do not disturb : Out to Lunch
Philadephia : Freedom
April 14, 2008   07:40 AM PDT
Silence : Noise
Wall : Need Painting
Killed : Kenny
Wishful : Thinking
Poodle : Puddle
Sullen : Thoughts
Anticipation : Heart
Sidewalk : Chalk
April 14, 2008   06:30 AM PDT
So you don't like Philly much? LOL! It's an evil place to drive through too.

Have some hugs :)
April 13, 2008   08:47 PM PDT
Silence :: Infidels!
Wall :: The Great
Killed :: Two birds with one stone
Wishful :: Thinking (Oh, Daddy!)
Poodle :: Frou frou
Sullen :: Disturbed
Do not disturb :: When the room is a'rockin....
Philadephia :: Eagles
Anticipation :: Rocky Horror Picture Show! "Antici..... pation"
Sidewalk :: Chalk
April 13, 2008   07:57 PM PDT
Silence :: ...speaks a thousand words.
Wall :: ...we don't need no education.
Killed :: Ice Cube.
Wishful :: ...I'm wishin on a star to follow where you are... I'm wishin on a dream to follow what it means...
Poodle :: yappiddy yap yap!
Do not disturb :: Nuff said.
Philadephia :: California. I HAVE NO IDEA! I'm INSANE in the membrane!
Anticipation :: Sexay!
Sidewalk :: ...because of you, I never stray too far from the sidewalk...

Most of these were musically inspired. I'm in a music kinda mood. *hugs* Always fun stuff. xoxo.
April 13, 2008   06:39 PM PDT
Silence :: Finally!!
Wall :: Up against.. uhm, it's music!
Killed :: My plants.. blech.
Wishful: Thinking.
(It occurs to me I'm too tired to be creative tonight.)
Poodle: Dunshka!! Actually, a cockapoo I once owned and named her dunshka.
Sullen: Coming home.
Do Not Disturb: I forgot to remove that thing off the hotel door and we checked out!
Philadephia :: I was in that state this weekend.
Anticipation :: Something I used to tell my husband...
Sidewalk :: chalk

Really, I just wanted to pop by and make sure you are okay..
April 13, 2008   02:47 PM PDT
1. Silence :: The Sound of Silence, Simon and Garfunkel
2. Wall :: The Wall, Brick in the Wall, Pink Floyd
3. Killed :: Video Killed the Radio Star, The Buggles
4. Wishful :: Wishful, Persephone
5. Poodle :: Rageing Poodle, Jay and Silent Bob
6. Sullen :: Sullen Girl, Fiona Apple
7. Do not disturb :: DND, Semisonic
8. Philadelphia ::Philadelphia, Neil Young
9. Anticipation :: Anticipation, Carly Simon
10. Sidewalk :: Running along down the sidewalk with my mp3 player blaring in my ears.

Love you my honey!! Happy Mutterings. Today I was feeling rather musical. :)
April 13, 2008   06:18 AM PDT
LOL that was so funny XD
Thanks, i needed that laugh ^^v
Hootin' Anni
April 13, 2008   05:44 AM PDT
Humpty Dumpty!!! Way did good. And I'm still laughing at 'shut the hell up!'

Hope you can stop by my blog [The UM is the 2nd meme down!!] I'd love to have your company today.

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