Entry: I messed it all up ... Saturday, July 11, 2009


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September 15, 2012   02:59 AM PDT
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Diane J Standiford
July 19, 2009   08:55 PM PDT
You are doing the right thing. I cried until there were no tears left. Was left for MY BROTHER. They moved in below me. It hurt and that never went away, not in 33 years, but I found true love, pure joy---30yrs now---seek out a new love. You are worth it.
July 14, 2009   05:28 PM PDT
I don't feel bad for Dave any more. He just proves, time and time again that he is the scum everyone knows him to be. I don't miss him and he can suffer all he wants because he put himself in this situation whether it was me that filed or not. It is partly my fault for thinking I could do anything ever to help him. Unfortunately I failed and it was detrimental to myself and Lexie. I'm just glad I am getting out of this mess, though I will have to deal with him for most of the rest of my life.
July 14, 2009   07:47 AM PDT
Hang in there and put your sunglasses on as you head toward that light.. with people like your sister, and anjelle, doctor doug who's up there panting, ... diedre.. Laura.. Pen.. that light is gonna be pretty darn bright..so be prepared with UV protection type, ultra cool sunglasses!
July 12, 2009   04:50 PM PDT
You're strong enough to do this Friday. It seems dark now but the light will come.
July 11, 2009   04:25 PM PDT
All of your feelings are normal. I'm with you in spirit, love.
July 11, 2009   01:00 PM PDT
*pant, pant*

(In case you let without a pair of pants)
July 11, 2009   12:36 PM PDT
*pet, pet, pet*
July 11, 2009   12:07 PM PDT
Love the way you ended this post!

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