Entry: The wreckage of active addiction ... Wednesday, October 28, 2009


November 6, 2009   04:37 PM PST
You prove my point. You are a delight. Thank you for coming to see my site. Perhaps you will allow me to share some tunes with you soon. My man Jake would kiss you sure so I send my warm thoughts with his.
November 5, 2009   06:57 AM PST
I accidentally found your blog. I am glad I did. I can identify with many parts. Some of your experiences, I can barely imagine. In any event, I send warm thoughts and you bring to my mind a song of Diana Kralls. "A Case of You".
October 29, 2009   03:40 PM PDT
There is always a relapse in us. But you are right,... Recoveries are hard to come by. saying yes is easy,.. Saying no is not. I am sorry to hear of more hardship for you.
October 29, 2009   12:52 PM PDT
This drug usage thing is so out of hand these days that it's hard for me to have sympathy for users the way I used to. I suppose it's for the very reason you mention in this post... the fact that there are so many children thrown into these situations who are helpless and feel neglected and abandoned and grow up to have their own issues because of it.

I am glad you are as strong as you are to make these painful choices each day to keep yourself in check.

You set a great example for someone who continually puts themselves first. And in this situation, you have absolutely no other choice. <3
October 29, 2009   10:29 AM PDT
There are conversations I long to have now with my Grandmother who has been gone 17 yrs. I grew into understanding her words-so I think I know what you are saying about your Mother's. You did the right thing as gut wrenchingly painful as it is. My sober brother did his program and steps and is clean but he is still so angry and emotionally attacks family members. He needs counseling to deal with his anger but I don't know if anyone can help him to see. He is so self focused and the anger pushes people away. The things I can not change...
October 28, 2009   04:53 PM PDT
I'm proud of you, Friday!

You must take care of yourself, and being around them sounds like it is just not the way to do it...


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