Entry: Simplicity ... Tuesday, March 02, 2010


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March 28, 2017   05:30 AM PDT
I really like your articles. They are very simple and laconic written so they are easy to read and learn something new.
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February 15, 2017   04:18 AM PST
horrible to hear about your loss. it seems to me that you are a strong person and you sustain all the difficulties
March 22, 2010   10:24 PM PDT
I, too, know what you mean... <3

Love and Peace, Sugar...
March 10, 2010   10:57 AM PST
And you know where to find me should you need ANYTHING. Right?
March 2, 2010   01:43 PM PST
Peace is a lovely word. Peace and quiet. Peace of mind. I totally agree with you there.
March 2, 2010   07:52 AM PST
I know what you mean.
March 2, 2010   07:46 AM PST
Hey great to see you pop up your head and look around. Did you see your shadow? I know we could use some spring up here. Simplicity and peace I wish for you. Cheers.

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