Entry: How could I forget? Monday, April 19, 2010


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February 11, 2011   07:59 AM PST
hi darling. u are always in my tots. just dropping by to see if u are still here! i still have the postcards you've sent me from disneyland. always warms my heart whenever i think abt u. Hugx. i hope u are well. sending u tons of love from Singapore. <3
James Kildare
July 5, 2010   02:54 PM PDT
No single diabetes affects the composition of the blood or the digestive processes, also can cause annoyances to a diabetic person in their intimate relations. It is certain that the disease can cause sexual problems: smaller desire for the sex, difficulty of lubrication and to reach orgasm, as well as greater incidence of pain and minor satisfaction during the sexual relations.
Smallstar/ Roberta
June 18, 2010   01:30 PM PDT
I can imagine how you feel when you meet a person who made u suffer after long time...
yeasterday I felt the same thing...
I saw my ex boyfriend, after a year that we didn't meet...

May 5, 2010   03:45 PM PDT
funny isn't it,.. lots of funny things going on. Hope you are well.
April 20, 2010   07:33 AM PDT
What the hell is he thinking? If he feels regret and he should he could write you an apology right off the bat. Still it's nice to be the smoking hot person he can't have! :) PS Have been thinking of you-enjoyed the post!
April 20, 2010   06:16 AM PDT
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